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Welcome to www.USACashForHouses.com, your #1 source for getting a fair cash offer on your home in Katy TX. We have been in the real estate business for 17 years helping customers selling their homes and by purchasing their homes for cash, with a fair market cash offer.

At www.USACashForHouses.com we are a local owned and trusted company in Texas and buy all types of homes in Katy TX in any condition “as is” with no repair costs needed. Fast, fair and no obligation cash offers in Katy TX for your home is what www.USACashForHouses.com does best. We are Reputable and Experienced, and we specialize in providing fair cash offers for homes in Katy TX. No gimmicks, no false promises, just plain and simple cash offers. We buy all types of homes, condos, and property in Katy TX for cash including:

– Distressed Homes
– Inherited Homes & Houses
– Homes in Need of Repairs & Renovation
– Facing Foreclosure Homes
– Tenant Won’t Leave Homes
– Fixer Upper Homes
– Ugly Homes
– Behind on Mortgage Homes

We buy all types of homes for cash in Katy TX. If you need cash for your home for any reason, www.USACashForHouses.com would love to provide you with a cash home offer in Katy TX today. Simply fill out the “Contact Us” form below or call us today at 1-800-448-6030 and you will be glad that you did. One of our representatives will be in touch with your shortly to get the quick and easy lending process started for you as quickly as possible.

At www.USACashForHouses.com, we specialize in funding cash offers for homes in Katy TX. www.USACashForHouses.com offers fast cash, quick cash, top cash for your home, house, condo or property in Katy TX.

If you are selling your home in Katy TX, You might have some questions about the process. here are some answers to the questions that you might have during this process, however please feel free to call/text us @ 214-912-5539 as well, and we can get you a quote the same day traditionally.

Q: How does this process work?
A: Simply call/text 214-912-5539, email info@usacashforhouses.com, or complete the online submission form on our website to get started today. We will contact you ASAP (within 2 hours) to discuss your options on buying your home/property in Katy TX. We will value your home and get you a fair market value cash offer on your home, agree on pricing, and we can close on your home as soon as you are ready, it is that simple. Get a confidential, no-obligation, discrete, 2-hour cash offer today in Katy TX! We can close as fast or slow as you need!

Q: Should I sell my home in Katy TX verses listing it with an agent?
A: If you have ever sold a home, you most likely understand that there can be a lot of costs/hidden costs/commissions/buyer repair requests, and closing costs involved throughout the selling process. Also, the time of year that you choose to list your home and how long it is on the market for, can become a financial burden from time to time. At www.USACashForHouses.com we will take care of everything for you and get you a top dollar, fair market cash offer on your home today, and cut out all the headaches for you!

Q: How much do you charge for your services, to buy my home for cash in Katy TX?
A: There are no fees for our service to Katy TX residents. www.USACashForHouses.com will even pay all the closing costs on your home/property. There are no hidden fees with our buying process, and we will get you a quick, fair market value cash offer on your home/property with the closing costs included. You pay us no fees, or commissions!

Q: What types of homes/properties do you buy in Katy TX?
A: At www.USACashForHouses.com all houses are wanted (pretty or ugly). We buy residential single family homes, commercial, multi-use, multi-unit, condo, duplex, land, office, apartment buildings, farms, rental homes, tenant won’t pay homes, behind on mortgage homes, any property etc.… in Katy TX. At www.USACashForHouses.com we pay top dollar for your home and will try to beat any offer that you receive, and look forward to speaking with you TODAY!

Q: Does it matter if I already have a realtor in Katy TX?
A: It does not matter at all! www.USACashForHouses.com would love to work with your current realtor in Katy TX. If you do not have a realtor currently, we would love to work with you and give you free advice, and discuss these options with you as well.

Q: Do I have to make repairs to my Katy TX home?
A: No, www.USACashForHouses.com will purchase your home in “AS Is” condition for cash with a fair market value offer. No repairs, no cleanup necessary!

Q: How fast can we close on the home/property in Katy TX if we accept your cash offer?
A: At www.USACasForHouses.com, we will work fast and efficient to get you paid as quickly as possible. Traditionally we can close on your home/property in Katy TX between 1 – 7 days depending on the title work that needs to be done. If you need cash now, we can help. Close fast, or take your time, it is up to you.

Q: Can I leave my belongings in my Katy TX home/property when I sell it?
A: We advise that you attempt to move your belongings, however we understand that in some cases, that this is not possible. You can leave any items that you are unable to take with you, in your home when you sell your home/property to www.USACashForHouses.com. We will discard of any unwanted items for you and make sure that it is an easy process for your during your experience working with us.

Q: How do you determine the cash home offer? Do You pay fair market value?
A: Every home in Katy TX is different, however with our experience in the real estate business, we will look at your home, as well as similar homes in Katy TX and what they are selling for, based upon the condition of your home.

Q: What if I can’t sell you my home/property for the fair market value cash offer price?
A: Traditionally, we can get you a price that makes sense for you. If the fair market cash offer is not at the price that you are looking for, we have a network of professional buyers and agents in Katy TX that we can work with, that might want to buy your home immediately.

Q: What if I am currently renting out my property?
A: If you are currently renting out your property, that is not a problem at all. We will buy your house for cash, and work out a deal with your current renters for you.

Q: What if I am behind on my payments?
A: If you are behind on your payments, we can possibly catch up on the delinquent payments for you and still buy the home/property in Katy TX depending on the status. Otherwise, we can work out a short sale with your lender to get you out from under the property. At www.USACashForHouses.com we have an expert led team of short sale negotiators, to deal with the bank/lender on your behalf for you, or network with a local realtor to list your home for you.

Q: Do you buy homes in Katy TX with foundation problems?
A: If your home in Katy TX has a foundation problem, do not worry! We can buy any home, in any condition and still give you a fair market value cash home offer today!

Q: How do I get started?
A: Simply call/text 214-912-5539, email info@usacashforhouses.com, or complete the online submission form on our website to get started today, and get the cash for your home/property in Katy TX that you deserve!

We would love to answer any additional questions that you may have regarding the buying/selling process of your home, commercial, multi-use, multi-unit, condo, duplex, land, office, farm, tenant won’t pay home or behind on mortgage home. We take pride in getting to know our clients and their current situations, and want to help provide the best solutions possible. Call/Text 214-912-5539, email info@USACashForHouses.com, or complete the online submission form on our website to get started today, and get the cash for your home that you deserve.

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