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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have some questions, almost everyone does. We’ve put together a collection of the questions that come-up the most often…and included our answers for your convenience. If your question isn’t listed here, no problem! Don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call, it will be our pleasure to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have.

Q: Will you actually buy my house or list it on the MLS?

A: Excellent question! We are licensed agents/brokers, but THIS program is designed to buy your house from you for cash (we are self-funded buyers). If your house doesn’t qualify for a cash purchase, we can help you sell your home, although you under no obligation or pressure to do so. We’ll even be happy to give you free advice to sell the house, if you need to go another route.

Q: Do you pay full retail price for properties?

A: Most of the homes we buy are sold at below market value – the purpose of this, is so that we can resell it at a profit to the next home owner. However, we are looking to get a FAIR discount on the property, not take advantage of already distressed homeowners. Our experience at USA Cash for Houses is that most of our clients are not looking to ‘make big money’ on their home, but are instead relieved that we can offer them cash, close when it’s convenient to them, and they don’t have to put any more time, effort or money into a property that is already causing them distress. If you are looking for the fastest resolution possible to a property that’s been causing you problems, let’s talk and see if we can agree on a price that would be win-win for all. Rest assured, our no-obligation all cash offer is truly no-strings-attached. If our offer doesn’t work for you, you can simply move on – but at least you’ll know what the cash sale price is for your home and you will be in the driver’s seat in deciding if it’s right for you.

[DOWNLOAD our free handy guide that takes you step-by-step through the Pros and Cons (including cost and timeframe) of selling your property to a real estate investor… also, compare the pros, cons, and costs of the other two options… selling with an agent or trying to sell it on your own. A free guide is waiting for you right here – download your free guide →]

Q: How do you decide what price to offer on my home?

A: Another really good question! We are totally transparent – so our process is easy to understand. We consider things like where the property is located, the condition of the property as-is, what repairs may be necessary (if any) and then, how it compares to other houses that have recently sold in the area to determine its value. After we take all those factors into consideration, we come up with a fair price that works for us and should work for you too.

Q: Are there ANY costs, fees or commissions to work with USA Cash For Houses?

A: This is the thing that sets us apart from the traditional way of selling your house and we think makes us stand out head-and-shoulders. There are never ANY commissions or fees to worry about when you sell your house to us. You can count on receiving a fair all cash offer, and if it works for you, we’ll buy your house – it’s as simple as that. Stress free! The way we make our money on the house is selling it AFTER we’ve made any repairs or clean up necessary. So really, all the risk is on us, whether or not we’re able to make a profit on the property after we buy it from you. We absorb the risk (and maybe the reward) and you get to walk away from a property that has been causing you hardship, avoiding even one more monthly payment, with cash in your hand – instead of a deeper hole in your pocket.

Q: What makes you different than a real estate agent?

A: Simply put, Realtors list a house and then hope it will sell. Multiple agents and their clients may walk through your home, (often at the least convenient times) along with dozens of other homes the agent has picked out for them to consider day-after-day. Imagine putting up with that for 6-12 months (the amount of time it takes to sell a home, on average). Typically, the agent’s commissions are 3-6% of the sale price of the home. So, if your home sells for $100,000 you will end up paying somewhere between $3,000-$6,000 out of your own pocket. Don’t get us wrong, agents provide a valuable service for those that have the luxury of waiting 6-12 months to sell their home AND can afford to give up a significant amount of the sales price to commissions. This is where the difference comes in. We’re not here to act as your agent, we are here to actually buy your house – for cash. Since we are the actual buyers of your home, we can make a quick decision and give you an offer, without you having to wait weeks to months, or worry about how you are going to cover any commissions or fees. Just to make it perfectly clear, we take the risk of buying the house with our own cash, spend the money to make any repairs and then place the house on the market to full retail buyers. This is how we make our living, and our profits. It’s also how our program allows you to move on with your own life, giving you a fresh chance to start-over.

Q: Will I be under any obligations if I submit my info to you?

A: None. There are absolutely no obligations what-so-ever when you share your information with us. All we’ll need is a little bit of info about the property. We will look up the property and give you a call, to see when it would be convenient for you to have us come by for quick look at the property. From there, we are prepared to make you an all-cash offer for your house. The decision to accept our offer is 100% yours…we promise, we won’t hassle you, won’t pester you…it’s your house, 100% your decision and we respect your right to make the choice that’s right for you and your family.

Q: How does the program work?

A: Just call, email, or reach us by completing the online form. We will call you ASAP to discuss how we can help you. Simply put, we will look at your home, offer you the fairest price possible, and if 0you agree to our offer, close as soon as you are ready.

Q: What if I don’t agree to your offer?

A: No Problem! We have a network of buyers and agents who may want to purchase your home immediately!

Q: : What kinds of properties does your company buy?

A: USA Cash For Houses buys residential (single family) homes, commercial buildings, multiple unit, multi-use properties, duplexes, farms, office buildings – you name it!

Q: What if I currently have tenants in my house?

A: Not a problem. We can buy the house and we will negotiate a deal with the renters.

Q: Can you buy my house if I’m behind on payments?

A: Even if you are behind on your payments, it is possible that we may be able to catch up on the payments and still buy the home, or if that’s not possible, we may be able to work out a short sale with your lender and still help you get out of the property. We have expert short sale negotiators who will be happy to work directly with the bank to assist you.

Q: What if I already have a Realtor?

A: It doesn’t matter a bit! We are happy to work with your current Realtor, or if you don’t have one and simply need advice, we would be happy to discuss the various options available to you.

Q: Would you buy a home with foundation problems?

A: Foundation problems are not an issue for us. We buy houses in all conditions, as-is.

Q: What’s the best way to get started?

A: That’s easy! Just give us a call or email us at anytime. You can even fill out the simple form on the home page and we will get in touch with you.

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